How to BUY



  • Go to https://postfallsautoauction.hibid.com/auctions/
  • Click “Login/ New Bidder”.
  • Create a username and password or log in to your account.
  • Enter your current address and up-to-date contact information. If you already have an account, be sure everything looks correct. If you have a new address or phone number, please update it here as we cannot do that for you. If you use a fake name or false identification, we will be forced to decline you. Please use your legal name and information.
  • Scroll down to “payment options” and enter your credit or debit card information. We will run this card for the 25% due on Saturday and the remaining balance owed on Monday, unless you come in to pay or we hear from you for alternative payment methods.
  • Once you have done this and agreed to our terms and conditions, you are set to bid.
    If you have questions or issues finding any of these steps, we also have a tutorial video on how to do this under “How to Buy”. This video also covers bidding.
  • You can view our list of vehicles up for auction from our auction catalog.
  • Pre-bidding is available but do remember all bids are final. You may not bid and win on multiple vehicles and choose which one you would like to buy.
  • On the day of the auction a live internet stream will start at 10am Pacific, allowing you to be able to see the auction in real time. By clicking the “Live Webcast” button you will also be able to hear the auctioneer. Bids placed online and in person will happen and be tracked simultaneously.

All bids are final, and all vehicles are sold in an “As-ls” condition.


  • Check in at the front desk to get registered to bid.
  • Please have a valid ID on you such as a driver license or state identification card.
  • Be prepared to look over and sign our bidder terms and conditions. Once you do so you will receive a bid card and be able to place bids in the auction house.
  • Bids are placed by raising your hand or bid card to indicate to the auctioneer that you are bidding.
  • 25% of the invoice total is due the day of the auction if you do not pay in full, with the remainder due the Monday following.

All bids are final, and all vehicles are sold in an “As-ls” condition.

We do not accept bids placed over the phone or through our email.


  • Our preview days are held the week of the auction only, during the following times: Thursday and Friday 8am until 5pm (hours may vary during winter) and Saturday 8am until 9:30am before the auction


  • All vehicles are sold from and on site at our auction location:

Post Falls Auto Auction
1094 N McGuire Rd
Post Falls, ID 83854


***Please do your own due diligence. These vehicles are sold as is. If you are a local, we highly recommend coming to do an in-person inspection. We do not note anything regarding the cosmetics of the vehicles, leaks the vehicle may or may not have, or the functionality of the features and accessories. We take photos to best represent these vehicles. If you have additional questions, we encourage you to reach out to our office and we will do our best to answer your questions. We do not recommend bidding if you unable to inspect a vehicle prior and do not feel comfortable purchasing sight unseen.***


  • For roughly the first week after the most recent auction, interested parties can make offers to buy “Make Offer” and “Lot Passed” items in the auction catalog. To make an offer you can call or send us an email regarding the item. We’ll let you know what the consignor had the reserve set at and what the bidding got up to during the auction. If you are still interested, you are welcome to coordinate previewing the item with us and making an offer based on those amounts. We’ll communicate with the consignor and if the offer is accepted, the same fees apply as if the item was won during the auction.
  • We cannot guarantee that the item that you are interested in is still on site after the auction, nor can we guarantee that the consignor will accept your offer.

We test drive each vehicle unless stated otherwise, and notate issues found that could not be noticed during a stationary inspection. Issues found will be notated in the catalog under the item’s listing. If there is no notation, then nothing that we would typically notate was found. All vehicles are sold “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” with no warranties expressed or implied.

Our preview days are held the week of the auction only, on Thursday and Friday 8am until 5pm (hours may vary during winter) and Saturday, the day of the auction from 8am until 9:30am. The auction starts at 10am Pacific and ends once we have driven each lot through, auctioning them off one lot at a time.

It is a flat rate of $200 to run an item through the auction with a reserve OR $100 to run it without a reserve, OR $100 if the item does not sell. If the item sells the run fee will be deducted from the check. If the item’s reserve is not met during the auction, the consignor can either run the item in the following auction for an additional run fee or come and pay the run fee and pick the item up by the Friday following the auction.

Consignor’s checks are available for pick up the Wednesday following the auction. Titles will need to be signed off to receive a check, which can be done at the time of consignment or during check pick up. Please let us know if you will need the check mailed when completing the contract to sell.